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Cities of the future
are cities for people

A city without noise and exhaust fumes? It is not a dream. It’s a space where you want to grow, move and live. Where next generations can safely grow up. Modern cities should be friendly to people and the environment above all. In such cities, easily accessible, flexible and comfortable public transport in a modern city is the core around which sustainable mobility solutions develop. 


02. Sustainable city

Modern cities can play the key role for the sustainable development of the world. Todaymore than two thirds of the European population lives in urban areas and this number continues to grow. The city of the future is a place of advanced social progress, green, ecological and environmental regeneration – powered by green energy. 

As one of the basic human needs is the need to move around, in a modern city communication should be quiet, clean and safe. It should ensure that residents can reclaim the city for themselves, taking into account the needs of everyone, including disabled people, the elderly and families with young children.


Technology of the future

E-mobility is the ideal solution for urban traffic – electric vehicles produce no emissions, ensure driving comfort, and have an impact of the quality of life in the city due to the low level of generated noise. Introducing them on city streets reduces environmental pollution and CO2 emissions considerably.


Sustainable development is a common future

It is a way of managing natural resources so that meeting the needs of the present generation does not diminish the chances of meeting the needs of future generations. It is a responsibility for the present of mankind and for its safe future. The development of means of transport based on renewable energy sources can help to achieve the main goal of ensuring the prosperity of the global community.


Sustainability Report

The report reflects Solaris’s awareness and shows that its activities don’t stop at the gates of its factory and that all decisions taken and projects implemented or its final products have a tremendous impact on the world around. It contains a comprehensive description of the organisation’s impact on the economy, environment and communities. The objective of the report is to show the current position of Solaris as an organisation, employer and business partner.

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Impact on the environment

The reduction of CO2 emissions in towns and cities as well as the amelioration of the air quality, the reduction of traffic congestion are the significant aspects of creating “healthy” urban areas. Traffic jams not only generate unnecessary pollution but also decrease the attractiveness and quality of life in a given place.

tons of CO2 the Urbino electric in Krakow saves in a year
cities joined the Clean Bus Deployment Initiative
clean zones in EU cities
0 %
of buses in 2030 will be emission-free

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