Hydrogen Europe

Hydrogen Europe

Hydrogen Europe represents the views and aspirations of the hydrogen and fuel cell industry in Europe. The association brings together over 260 companies, 27 associations and over 90 research organizations (through a sister organization, Hydrogen Europe Research, as of April 2021) that want to contribute to the economic transformation of Europe into a zero-emission one. The aim is to promote hydrogen and fuel cell technologies as clean and efficient solutions for creating a society that does not contribute to harmful emissions.

The association acts as a dedicated resource for stakeholders who wish to learn more about the benefits that hydrogen and fuel cells can bring to all of us. In cooperation with members, it develops the necessary materials, documents and positions to accomplish the joint mission.

For example, the organisation is working with the European Commission under an innovation program called Clean Hydrogen for Europe. Partnership is a key instrument in implementing the European hydrogen strategy. Working with public authorities, the association facilitates coordination by participating in the partnership, the EU clean hydrogen alliance and important projects of common European interest.

hydrogen bus
hydrogen bus

How does Hydrogen Europe work?

Hydrogen Europe’s work is led by a board of directors. The Association’s activities fall into key categories: innovation, advocacy, intelligence and communication.

LEGAL ACTIVITIES – Legal activities serve as a benchmark for the industry.

The working groups deal with topics in the areas:

  • Mobility,
  • Trucks,
  • Energy,
  • Infrastructure,
  • Marine,
  • RED II Implementation,
  • Financing and finance

INNOVATION – Working with the European Commission and the scientific community in a public-private partnership (formerly: FCH JU and FCH2JU, now: Clean Hydrogen For Europe).

EXPERIENCE – Industry expertise and business intelligence, delivered through the collection of primary data on key market and policy indicators and through the analysis of secondary sources.

COMMUNICATION – Support, coordination and general communication focusing on the latest developments in the sector. Hosting events, webinars, various educational and networking opportunities.

Hydrogen Europe actively supports research and development in fuel cell and hydrogen energy technologies in Europe. The partnership consists of:

  • Hydrogen Europe: representing the industry.
  • Hydrogen Europe Research: representation of the scientific community.
  • European Commission: representation of the public sector.

Looking to the future

The association tries to look far and wide into the future. The Clean Hydrogen for Europe partnership is organized in three pillars: hydrogen production, hydrogen distribution and the use of hydrogen in transport, industry and construction. It includes research and development as well as early implementation of flagship projects. It is also supposed to consist in close cooperation with other European programs as well as national and regional support. Only in this way is it possible to organize the coordinated massive deployment of existing hydrogen technologies while preparing the next generation of technologies.

At the beginning of 2021, part of the funds from the Joint Undertaking for Fuel Cell Technology and Hydrogen Technologies was transferred to the support of the European consortium “StasHH”, which includes 25 leading entities in the hydrogen sector, including Solaris. Companies began working together to define, develop and test the first European standard for heavy-duty fuel cell modules such as commercial vehicles, including buses and trucks.

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