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Zero-emission buses, which do not generate noise and vibrations, make a real contribution to changing the urban environment for the better. Just as cities and the people they live in are different, there is no one proper answer to the challenges of green public transport. All "electric" routes are right - battery buses, trolleybuses and hydrogen-powered models.


Electric public transport is the future

To make a real, green change in public transport, comprehensive and systemic support is necessary. Solaris is an active partner for public transport operators in the process of transforming transport into zero-emission one. We help to choose the perfect product, depending on the climate, the specificity of the line and its layout, and even the topography. Along with the most modern buses, the offer includes advanced feasibility studies, construction of a charging infrastructure or a proprietary remote management system for an electric fleet.


Advanced driver assistance systems

Advanced Assistance Systems (ADAS) assist the driver by carrying out some actions before or in place of the driver, giving invaluable seconds to react. In public transport, the benefit form this solutions comes not only to drivers and passengers – these increase the safety of all road users.

E-mobility: systemy ADAS

Solaris experience

We do believe that modern public transport is the foundation of sustainable cities, which is why from the beginning of our activity we invest considerable resources in research and development of the cleanest possible drives and promoting clean public transport. Solaris has been producing electric buses for over a decade. Today, the company is the European leader in e-mobility, and over a thousand of e-buses are actually changing the face of public transport across Europe.

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