eSConnect system

The eSConnect system is a proprietary fleet monitoring and management system developed by Solaris. The solution enables the improvement and support of remote diagnostics of buses, improvement of service capabilities and allows for the analysis of specialized data collected by Solaris vehicles.

Thanks to the innovative eSConnect system, the carrier can optimize the operation of its fleet, increasing vehicle availability, reducing bus downtime and avoiding unnecessary returns of vehicles to the depot. As a result, the customer also gains additional time to prepare the workshop for repairs and has the ability to analyze historical data, allowing for increasing operational efficiency. In addition, the solution supports the care for the climate, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions related to the travel of service employees.

Zarządzanie danymi

The main functionalities provided by the eSConnect system are:

  • quick service support,
  • generating statistics and reports,
  • access to real-time vehicle data,
  • monitoring the current parameters of the vehicle’s operation,
  • current location and route monitoring of individual fleet vehicles,
  • ongoing identification of faults and alarms and informing the operator about their occurrence.

How does eSConnect work?

The functioning of eSConnect is based on dedicated computers, which are a standard element of equipment of all Solaris battery buses. The data is stored both locally and part of the data is transferred directly, in real time, to the manufacturer’s servers. First of all, for the sake of maximum security and confidentiality, all collected information is processed, analyzed and archived only by Solaris. After connecting their vehicles to the eSConnect system, the carrier gains access to the user panel, which in an accessible and real-time display of information about his fleet. Undoubtedly, the eSConnect system is an extremely flexible solution that can be used on any computer or mobile device. The only requirement is internet access.

Integrated fleet management

Currently, eSConnect enables monitoring of battery buses. However, the continuous work of the Solaris team of experts on the development of the system, allows us to believe that soon the eSConnect remote diagnosis capabilities will be extended to other types of drives, such as Diesel, CNG and trolleybuses. This will enable the monitoring of all types of Solaris vehicles under one system. The basic task of eSConnect is to provide the carrier with support in the efficient management of its fleet. To this end, Solaris made sure that eSConnect can be integrated with other monitoring and fleet management systems used by the carrier.

System zarządzania flotą eSConnect

eSConnect system – why is it worth it

It is worth noting that eSConnect is a system created and developed by a bus manufacturer. Unlike solutions offered by other companies, Solaris provides much more than just ready-made software. This solution ensures the highest credibility of data and remote access of Solaris employees to diagnostic information. The comprehensive nature of the services allows you to speed up service assistance. The carrier does not bear any additional costs related to the installation of data collection and transmission devices. Moreover, the carrier can integrate various systems to maximize benefits.

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