Urbino 15 LE electric wyjeżdża za miasto

How far can an electric bus really go on one charge?

While talking about electric buses, sooner or later during the discussion there is one particular question asked. „How far can an electric bus really go on one charge?”. Obviously it depends on many factors, which comes down to two issues: battery capacity and energy consumption per 1 km.


Since  the  very  beginning  Solaris  has turned the issue around, asking instead  „What  range  is  needed?”.  And  that  is  because  what  battery are offered  for  the  electric  bus,  and  what   charging   mode,   and   thus   the  range  the  vehicle  will  boast,  depends  on  a  slew  of  factors.  This  is   related   among   others   to   the   distance  of  the  route,  topography,  climate   or   electric   infrastructure   on  hand  in  a  given  city.  Finally,  what  is  extremely  important  are  the preferences of future users and whether  the  clients  prefer  longer  charging,  but  once  a  day  –  usually  in   the   night,   or   more   frequent   charging   –   throughout   the   day.  


The ultimate solution is to choose the charging infrastructure and battery capacity that will guarantee the 24/7 operability. It will therefore be a situation in which the vehicle – on a planned routine route, has the ability to quickly recharge the battery at a loop or bus stop and be able to carry passengers in emission-free mode during one cycle until the next charging. The other way is to optimize the battery capacity to ensure all-day operation on a permanent basis. Then load them at the depot at night so that it is ready for further work the next day.

Nevertheless, on the occasion of the premiere the latest generation of Solaris High Power batteries, the manufacturer guaranteed  cover at least 200 km on a single charge, regardless of the weather conditions, and thus regardless of air-conditioning or heating working [Read more about the new Urbino 15 LE electric…] This solution was created by the Solaris Development Office for those carriers who need a range guarantee on a single charge, regardless of the prevailing conditions. Batteries of this type can be used only in Solaris vehicles. No other producer in the electric bus market is offering them. The contractor executing the design initiated by Solaris is BMZ Poland. BMZ is a leading European manufacturer of intelligent power supply and energy storage systems based on lithium-ion technology.

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